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The Story of Léonie

At the beginning, there was a grandmother, from the land of our country, with a sense of modestygenerosity and gentleness.

She loved to cultivate her garden. At the market, she bought healthy, seasonal products. During the holidays, she made a feast with noble products : pâté en croûte with foie gras, a just roasted lamb, a fillet of beef...

We have the ambition to make you travel in this universe of simplicity and good food. Sharing and discovering flavours can be done around a wood fire.

It's on the basis of these fraternal and exchanges values with our producers in the country that we cook our products. Nowadays, we call it "The Direct Circuit" or "The Homemade". These words are not only marketing language, they are above all, a conviction, a charter to offer you the best and make you live an experience.

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