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Aire du Larzac - 12230 L'Hospitalet-du-Larzac
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Origin Beef from Aubrac

More than a job, a passion.

It is important to understand each person's background in order to assess their involvement and know-how.

In the Majorel family, we have been breeders from father to son for 4 generations. Julien and Clément are both in their thirties and are now at the head of the family breeding. After some outside professional experience, they both chose to go back to their roots. Settled with wives and children on the farm, they have the ambition of the fighters and want to stand out from the crowd by the quality of the work provided and their desire to go further !

The area is favourable for cattle breeding and close to the Aubrac mountains and they have been awarded the Boeuf d'Aubrac label. It is in this mountain that they bring their animals to the summer pastures every spring, to take advantage of the wide open spaces and to accentuate the mountain identity.

Until a few years ago, the farm was almost exclusively made up of dairy ewes. The return of the two brothers has transformed the family farm: they are regularly rewarded at the local cattle markets for the quality of their cattle! They work in sustainable agriculture, their animals are born on the spot or are bought locally, in short: a strong identity rooted in the Aubrac breed.

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